We are excited to be relocating to a larger space in August!

8500 Edinbrook Parkway, Brooklyn Park
Just 13 minutes from the current studio off Highway 252.

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Studio 1.jpg

In the short term, we are partnering with Jochum Strength to share the space. Though it has a different look and feel, we share the same vision of mind, body, spiritual connection to health and wellness. We have also found an outdoor location at Silver Lake Beach Park that we will utilize as much as possible. We will notify you through text when we plan to practice outside. Since we are in transition, we ask that you sign up for classes online 45 minutes prior to class start.

We have been very thankful for everyone joining us at our New Brighton location that we are extending a $40 unlimited monthly membership to anyone who follows us to the new location.

We will be sending emails keeping everyone informed of all the activities and exciting details leading up to the new studio opening.

We look forward to expanding our community with you!