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What does JMD stand for?

JMD Wellness Yoga Studio was developed by Jeff and Jill Dahler. Our dream was to open a wellness studio focused on total wellness solutions through breath, movement and meditation.

JMD stands for Jill Marie Dahler and Jeffery Michael Dahler. Isn’t that cute?

Our wellness journey began years ago and we quickly discovered the importance of community and support. As we explored various types of activity and movement, we discovered they all linked back to the Build. Balance. Breathe.

We invite you to our studio where you can come, just as you are, and open to vitality and power through movement, breath and connection. Through the consistent practice of yoga and meditation, we cultivate freedom, empowerment, gratitude, purpose, and growth.

At JMD Wellness, we commit to embrace the suck & unlock your awesome. We guarantee real, honest wellness support.


Our Team


Jill Dahler

What is your purpose?
To inspire others to be the best version of themselves.

What have you discovered on your wellness journey?
I love variety in my activity and exploring new ways to move my body. Focusing on my breath and connecting with my body has given me balance. Truly accepting my journey as just that and not wishing for a destination has created a healthy mind and open the door for loving a healthier body.

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Ilse Clark

What is your purpose?
To be of service to others

What have you discovered on your wellness journey?
I have discovered that the work is never done and it does get easier.

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Bubba & Prince

What is your purpose?
Live a life spoiled by humans.

What have you discovered on your wellness journey?
If someone measures the food you eat each day and takes you for walks, it is easy to keep this figure. All I have to do is bark for it.

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What lights you up?
The life that Jeff and I are creating together. Building JMD Wellness and fulfilling our dreams. My four-legged babies. Being in nature and the ocean.

Certified Yoga Instructor, 200-Hour RYT
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CPCC
doTERRA Wellness Advocate

What lights you up?
My family, my friends and the water...the bluer the better.

Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
Weight-loss expert (personally lost 100 pounds)
Event Marketing Professional
Purium Wellness Influencer

What lights you up?
Being able to connect and contribute to others.

ACE Group Fitness Instructor
MN State Health & PE Teacher

What lights you up?
Chewing on my brother, barking at other dogs through the window, eating, going for walks, belly rubs, sleeping on everything in the house with a pillow under my head.

AKC Labrador Retriever

What lights you up?
I get the greatest satisfaction from helping others and being able to make a difference. If I can do that while traveling, that's a bonus.

Practicing yoga for 30 years
Studied physical therapy for 2 years at Stedelijk Hoger Instituut voor Paramedische Beroepen in Ghent, Belgium
Certified Massage Therapist from Minneapolis School of Massage & Bodywork
Certificate of Neuromuscular Therapy for Pelvis and Torso with Judith DeLany
Certificate of Myofascial Release 1,2 and Unwinding with John F. Barnes
Certified 200 hours yoga teach training at Minneapolis Power Yoga
Certificate YOD Level 1 and 2 at Minneapolis Power Yoga
Baron Baptiste Institute training in: Level 1: Journey into Power, Art of Assisting, Advanced Art of Assisting, True North Alignment, Being of Power and Unstoppable